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Our proven cold storage and sample preparation solutions offer sample protection for a wide array of sample types and an even larger range of storage conditions—from 4°C high-performance laboratory refrigerators to –196°C cryogenic freezers. Discover why researchers worldwide protect more than 2 billion samples with Thermo Scientific™ cold storage equipment and consumables.

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Our ultra low–temperature freezers combine high reliability and superior performance with cost-effective operation, energy savings, and sustainability. Maximize your inventory with our racking and box solutions.

Our laboratory refrigerators are designed specifically to protect precious biological samples. With precise temperature monitoring, they are ideal for storing vaccines, blood, reagents and other temperature-sensitive items.

Our laboratory freezers feature advanced control systems and alarms, making them ideal for critical life sciences, clinical, and industrial applications.

Selecting the right refrigerator or freezer is critical for successful vaccine storage. Our laboratory refrigerators and freezers are designed to protect your temperature-sensitive vaccines. 

Our refrigerator and freezer combinations offer convenient, dual-temperature storage with a minimized footprint. Models are available for laboratory, explosion-proof, and flammable material storage.

Designed to meet the rigorous storage requirements of cryogenic samples, our auto- and manual-fill liquid nitrogen storage systems and accessories are built to help ensure maximum sample protection.

Our wireless monitoring solutions monitor critical parameters for both stationary equipment and the cold chain, making cold storage tracking easier than ever.

A more controlled freezing process prior to ultra low–temperature and cryogenic storage helps preserve samples. We offer a wide variety of freezers and accessories for your cold storage sample preparation needs.

Optimize the performance and efficiency of your refrigerator or freezer unit using our wide selection of accessories, including output cables, assess key options, vial racks, air filters, drawer dividers, and storage bins.

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