Protein Assays & Analysis
Accurate and sensitive protein quantitation of proteins is key to most experiments. We offer a variety of reagents and devices to detect and quantify proteins—from total protein determination to western blotting and immuno-based assays.

Featured protein assays & analysis categories

Precast gels, running buffers, molecular weight markers, and gel stain for sample preparation, loading, and analysis when studying proteins by electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE)

Kits, reagents, and devices, including iBlot 2 dry blotting system, SuperSignal chemiluminescent substrates, and iBind system for sensitive and robust western blotting

BCA, Bradford (Coomassie), Lowry and other assay reagents, kits, and quantitation standards to determine total protein concentration of samples containing different buffer components

Invitrogen Dynabeads magnetic reagents for small-scale protein isolation and agarose-based beads for large-scale applications, including immunoprecipitation (IP) and co-immunoprecipitation (co-IP)

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays, kits, and reagents for accurate quantitation of intracellular or extracellular proteins by immunoassays using antibody pairs

Immunoassays using antibody pairs for multi-analyte analysis allowing simultaneous analysis of multiple markers in one sample, saving time, money, and sample

Co-immunoprecipitation (co-IP), pull-down, yeast two hybrid (Y2H), phage display, crosslinking, and label transfer tools to identify and measure protein interactions

Reagents, vectors, and kits for expressing and detecting a variety of reporter genes.

Reagents and assays for detecting enzyme activity by absorbance, fluorescence, or chemiluminescence

Single use, dipstick-style lateral flow assay strips for rapid, qualitative determination of fusion-tag proteins and antibody isotype (immunoglobulin class and subclass).

Protein Purification and Analysis applications to store all assay data along with sample and inventory information, providing transparency across your organization.

How to Use video for Pierce Chromogenic Endotoxin Quant Kit

Use this sensitive, broad range endotoxin quantitation kit to measure endotoxin contamination between 0.01 - 1 EU/mL.

Bulk Quantities and Custom Products

Partner with us to scale-up your process or product development pipeline with bulk quantities of high-quality immunoassay reagents and biochemicals. We offer a variety of compounds, devices, and resins for your large-scale applications.

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