A new tool to enable more efficient and reproducible RT-qPCR with: Simplified protocol—cDNA synthesis in 10 minutes, Higher yields & Greater sensitivity—even with samples of suboptimal purity.

The Thermo Scientific™ CellInsight™ CX7 High-Content Screening (HCS) Platform is an integrated system for all-around performance in screening and analysis.

Superscript® IV Reverse Transcriptase delivers significantly improved resistance to inhibitors, robust and specific cDNA synthesis from a wide range of sample types, fast reaction reducing incubation time to 10 minutes

A complete system of 128 restriction enzymes + 5 DNA modifying enzymes. All Anza enzymes provide full digestion without star activity and are fully functional with a single buffer.

The simplest DNA-to-data workflow for targeted sequencing with industry-leading speed and affordability.

Rapid on-demand aneuploidy screening right on your benchtop.

The GeneArt® Genomic Cleavage Selection Kit is a rapid and reliable tool for detecting functionality of engineered nucleases in transfected cells, as well as enriching for modified cells.

Sequencing success with AmpliSeq technology.