Having highly engaged employees is critical to the success of our Mission. We know it is imperative that they have opportunities to learn, grow and influence our company culture. Through our Practical Process Improvement (PPI) Business System, we enable our colleagues to become problem-solvers and to implement change where they see opportunity or waste.

We do our best to create a positive, fair and safe working environment for our colleagues around the globe—one in which the backgrounds, lifestyles and ideas that make each of our employees unique are valued, which leads to innovation.

Not only do we strive to provide all of employees with a voice, we also do our best to make sure everyone has access to the right resources, programs and internal company networks that will nurture their success. Our talent development and diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives help create a global workplace that encourages involvement, helping to ensure that we continue to attract those with cutting-edge thinking critical to fulfilling our Mission. 

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