employee involvement
Creating a culture where employees are able to make connections and work as one global team is vital because it generates better outcomes for our colleagues and for our customers. That’s why we embrace unique perspectives and provide resources to allow our employees to reach their full potential. 

Customer alliances that benefit the community

A powerful connection is established when we partner with our customers to advance a cause such as scientific education. In 2017, the University of Glasgow and colleagues from our Inchinnan site in Scotland conducted several workshops for 16 and 17-year-old students to explore different careers in the biotech industry. They also helped the students learn about the laboratory technique for replicating DNA, called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This collaboration gave students exposure to both academic and industry scientists, materials, and equipment and revealed cutting-edge technology now being used in today’s labs. This project, and others like it, enrich communities with more scientifically trained participants in the workforce and strengthen the mutual support we enjoy with our customers.

customer alliances that benefit the community
win-win for colleagues and customers

Creating a win-win for colleagues and customers

Our site in Lenexa, Kansas, took quick action in response to Customer Allegiance Score (CAS) feedback and Employee Involvement Survey (EIS) results. The site set out on a path for improvement by leveraging our Practical Process Improvement (PPI) Business System principles and tools to set goals, structure their meetings and identify solutions. They focused on diversity and inclusion, knowing that a strong culture of inclusion produces greater employee engagement which, in turn, increases customer engagement.

In 2017, the site launched Employee Resource Groups for women, veterans and individuals of differing abilities; increased their volunteerism in the community; and drove continuous improvement in their processes. This stimulated an increase in engagement (as measured by our annual Employee Involvement Survey) as well as an increase in customer satisfaction.

“With these changes, we’ve seen greater involvement, more focus on the customer and better cross-functional collaboration.”

—John Reuss, Director of North American Operations

Enabling a culture of involvement

Our culture of involvement starts with a commitment to equal employment opportunity and providing a productive and positive work environment for our colleagues. 

To provide a safe, healthy, fair and respectful work environment, colleagues and business partners are expected to work and conduct business in alignment with the policies and principles outlined in our Global Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Policy. This policy includes sections on equal opportunity, anti-slavery, child labor, freedom of association and wage compliance.

We also provide a competitive set of benefits and rewards that enable employees to be happy, healthy and successful. We know that supporting our colleagues personally and professionally drives a supportive, inclusive culture that engages and empowers our colleagues to get involved.