This report contains Standard Disclosures from the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. We recognize the GRI as the world’s most widely used standard for sustainability reporting, and are in the process of aligning the report with those standards we have used. The indicators listed below depict the initial progress we have made in aligning our report to the GRI, and we will continue to use the GRI as the standard and goal for reporting future CSR information.

Index  Item Response
Strategy & Analysis
G4-1 CEO Letter Letter from the CEO
G4-2 Key Impacts, Risks, Opportunities Letter from the CEO & CDP Disclosure
Organizational Profile
G4-3 Organization Name Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
G4-4 Primary brands, products and services About Us
G4-5 Headquarters Location Waltham, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
G4-7 Nature of ownership and legal form  Ownership & Legal Information
G4-8 Markets served Markets Served
G4-9 Scale of the organization  Organization Information
Identified Material Aspects & Boundaries
G4-17 Entities included in financial statements Investor Overview
Stakeholder Engagement
G4-24 Stakeholder groups  Letter from the CEO
G4-26 Approach to stakeholder engagement Letter from the CEO
Report Profile
G4-28 Reporting period  2017
G4-29 Date of most recent report  2017
G4-30 Reporting cycle  Annual
G4-31 Report contact
G4-34 Governance structure of the organization Governance 
G4-38 Composition of the board and its committees Board of Directors & Committees
G4-39 Whether the chair of the board is also an executive officer Board Chair
Ethics & Integrity
G4-56 Code of conduct Code of Business Conduct & Ethics
Economic, Environmental & Social
G4-EC1 Economic value Financial Results
G4-EC2 Climate change Implications Environmental Sustainability and CDP 
G4-EC9 Local suppliers Supply Chain
G4-EN6 Energy reductions   Environmental Sustainability and CDP
G4-EN10 Water recycled and reused Water Reduction
G4-EN15 GHG emissions (Scope 1) Scope 1 Emissions
G4-EN16 GHG emissions (Scope 2) Scope 2 Emissions
G4-EN17 GHG emissions (Scope 3) Scope 3 Emissions
G4-EN18 GHG emissions intensity Emissions Intensity
G4-EN19 Reduction of GHG emissions Emissions Reduction
G4-EN22 Water discharge Water
G4-EN23 Waste by type and disposal method  Waste
G4-EN27 Mitigation of environmental impacts of products and services  Responsible Products
G4-EN31 Environmental investments  Sustainable Progress
G4-EN32 New suppliers screened using environmental criteria Supplier Code of Conduct
G4-LA2 Benefits provided to full-time employees Cigna & Benefits & Employee Involvement & 2016 CSR Report , pg. 19 / 20
G4-LA6 Rates of injury, occupational disease, lost days, absenteeism  LTIR and Safety
G4-LA11 Employees receiving performance and career development Talent Development
G4-LA12 Composition of governance bodies and employees Board of Directors
G4-LA14 New suppliers that were screened using labor practices criteria Supplier Code of Conduct
G4-HR10 New suppliers screened for human rights Supplier Code of Conduct
G4-S01 Local community engagement, impact assessments and development  Employee Involvement & Philanthropic Giving