Employee Giving

Quality Policy

We fulfill our mission to customers by making the world healthier, cleaner and safer through continuous improvement, by providing high quality products and services and by ensuring global regulatory compliance.

Quality for our customers means they can rely on our products and services to consistently achieve the industry benchmark for quality and dependability.

Quality for regulatory authorities means that we meet or exceed all applicable regulatory requirements and operate at the highest ethical standards.

Quality for employees means we take ownership for our daily tasks that ensure quality from design through delivery.

Quality for our organization means our culture is dedicated to properly resourced and effective quality systems, driven by our Practical Process Improvement (PPI) Business System, leadership and teamwork.   

Quality Management Certifications 

Given the diversity of manufacturing at Thermo Fisher our sites might hold different certifications.  The majority of our sites hold either ISO 9001 and or ISO 13485 certifications. Some sites, where applicable, additionally hold ISO 17025 and ISO 14001 certifications. All sites maintain appropriate certifications and registrations required by the Regulators of the markets in which we sell our products.  

ISO Certifications

Competency and Training

The Practical Process Improvement (PPI) Business System is our operational discipline. It enables us to drive profitable growth by continuously improving quality, productivity and our customers’ experience. Our PPI Business System empowers every employee to solve problems, large and small, for the organization, creating a culture of continuous improvement.

We also provide ongoing education and training programs on quality for our employees. Mandatory job specific training is required at local sites to ensure high-quality performance in job specific tasks. Policies, SOPs and work instructions are managed through a selection of e-training platforms. We are required to effectively demonstrate our training programs at audit in order to hold an ISO certification and to ensure compliance with government regulators in the markets in which we sell.