3D Imaging of Lithium Ion Batteries

Advances in 3D imaging with x-rays and electron microscopes are enabling scientists and engineers to improve failure analysis and better understand the relationship between performance and structure. A detailed understanding how the 3D structure impacts the performance, and how this structure changes upon cycling, is needed to optimize current battery designs and to develop next-generation battery materials.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about: 

  • Nondestructive imaging of large battery cells
  • Failures in battery cells such as voids in electrodes, foreign material, electrode overhang, and housing/connector welding issues
  • Structure-performance relationship in a thick cathode battery
  • Porosity in the battery polymer separator
  • Dendrite formation in a solid-state battery
Udo de Vries, 
Growth & Strategy Director, Waygate Technologies Industrial Radiography
Herman Lemmens, Market Development Manager Industry, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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