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Frequently asked questions and answers

We can make them available based on your data and requirements.

We offer customization of push-button bespoke workflows tailored to your needs and data.

The idea is to build a recipe on one single well and batch-process for similar data. The native utilities in the CX7 Platform handle batch-processing for the whole plate.

Typically, yes. In addition to basic readers, we support Bio-Formats through an extension to read in most biological image data formats.

In a recent publication from University of Rochester, researchers demonstrated expert-in-the-loop semi-automated segmentation of bones in murine models using micro-CT.

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You can now try Amira Software on your datasets

Empower your lab with powerful and comprehensive imaging data analysis toolbox. Amira Software offers high-end processing, registration, segmentation, visualization, animation, and data analysis to support your advanced discovery workflows. By providing ready-to-use recipes and AI-powered automated processing tools, Amira Software supports faster image analysis reducing the number of manual steps. With Amira Software you can analyze and correlate data from any imaging modality, at any scale, as it offers native compatibility and expansive correlative analysis to help you better understand your imaging data.

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Insight from your peers

Explore industry-leading insights and research that can support your lab workflow. Amira Software can empower your lab with a cutting-edge, comprehensive imaging data analysis toolbox.

Helping scientists answer questions that enable breakthrough discoveries in life sciences, materials science, and industry.

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