Mar 12, 2019 - Mar 14, 2019
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre | Booth 700, Hall S3

Visit us on Booth 700 in Hall S3 at ARABLAB to learn how our innovative products, services, and solutions accelerate productivity. Our technical experts will be available to discuss how we can help solve your toughest analytical challenges.

Our featured products:

TSQ 9000 GC triple quadrupole MS System

Do you want to achieve unstoppable GC-MS/MS productivity?

Are you looking for a GC-MS that achieves the highest sensitivity and provides the lab a maximum uptime? Drop by our booth and find out more about the new Thermo Scientific ISQ 7000 GC single quadrupole- and TSQ 9000 GC triple quadrupole MS systems designed for maximum uptime. See how your GC-MS application can become unstoppable.

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Dionex ICS-6000 Modular High-Pressure Ion Chromatography System

Would you like the unrivaled solution to your ion chromatography analysis?

The modular Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-6000 system meets a wide and ever-increasing range of application needs. From the basic system configuration for routine, dedicated analysis to the high-throughput, dual RFIC system, the Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC system is truly designed for versatility and productivity. This system can be upgraded to a dual system configuration (supporting standard, microbore, and capillary formats)—without taking up more valuable bench space.

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Vanquish Duo

Would you like to double your liquid chromatography throughput?

Achieve higher throughput and increased sample knowledge in less time. Three workflows and two independent flow paths in one integrated UHPLC solution allow Dual LC, Tandem LC or LC-MS and Inverse Gradient capabilities so that you can maximize the return on your investment and experience lower cost per sample.

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Vanquish Flex UHPLC System

Do you require flexibility in your separations?

The Thermo Scientific Vanquish Flex system is designed for a broad range of applications and workflows. The Vanquish Flex system provides either state-of-the-art quaternary solvent blending or precision binary pumping technology, while the Vanquish UHPLC platform sets new benchmarks on accuracy, precision and sensitivity in liquid chromatography. As part of the Vanquish family, the Vanquish Flex system shares all Vanquish-inherent values, such as a design focus on uptime, robustness and reliability.

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Q Exactive GC Orbitrap GC-MS/MS System

Do you need to accelerate the unambiguous identification of volatile unknowns?

The Q Exactive Orbitrap GC-MS/MS system provides you with the power to discover features within a sample that went unnoticed with previous GC-MS technology. This unrivalled combination of high-resolution gas chromatography separations and highly sensitive HRAM acquisitions and intelligent identification software will help unlock answers to questions about the very nature of each sample you inject.

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ISQ EM Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Mass spectrometry for the chromatographer

The new Thermo Scientific ISQ EM Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer offers an extended mass range, flexible source options and excellent sensitivity and robustness. Operated using Thermo Scientific Chromeleon CDS software ensures fast and intuitive operation for both novice and experienced mass spectrometry users.

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Orbitrap Fusion Luos Tribrid Mass Spectrometer

How far can you push the limits of science?

The highest performing MS system ever, the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion Lumos. With enhanced sensitivity and breakthrough gains in quantitative biology, this system is the ultimate MS solution to your most challenging research applications.

  • Analysis of low level PTMS
  • Multiplexed relative Quantitation using isobaric tags
  • Intact protein characterization
  • MSn analysis of small molecules

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Q Exactive HF-X Hybid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer

Get to know the high-achieving Orbitrap

The Thermo Scientific Q Exactive HF-X Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer rises to the occasion and sets new standards in sensitivity, performance and productivity. With it's high performance ion optics and a high-field Thermo Scientific Orbitrap mass analyzer it is more than capable of fast identification and analysis of peptides, label-free and TMT quantitation, top-down proteomics analyses, sophisticated DDA and DIA, dynamic Retention Time PRM and BioPharma characterization

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SampleManager LIMS Software

Need to streamline your laboratory workflows?

Select a complete solution comprising lab and data management and process execution with built-in integration capabilities.

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Thermo Fisher Platform for Science Software

Want a lab software solution designed to advance your progress?

This flexible, extensible, cloud-based platform helps you easily collect, store, access, share and use your scientific data to advance research.

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Nicolet iS20 FTIR Spectrometer

Unable to generate fast, reproducible FTIR results due to multiple users?

Minimize errors and accelerate your work with the Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS20 FTIR Spectrometer with

  • Built with the Thermo Scientific LightDrive Optical Engine that provides a more reliable signal, allowing users to collect data 30% faster than before
  • An integrated touch panel with scan bar to help execute routine programs for consistency between users and provide instrument feedback (idle, collect, alert)
  • Warranties covering 1 year on the entire system and 10 years on LightDrive laser, interferometer, and IR source to minimize downtime and maintenance errors


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Acros Organics and Alfa Aesar air and moisture sensitive solvents and reagents in AcroSeal packaging

Are you engaged in air or moisture sensitive chemistry?

Switch to AcroSeal packaging for air and moisture sensitive solvents and reagents for improved safety, convenience and performance.

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iCAP 7000 Series ICP-OES 

Are you looking for a robust, easy to use ICP-OES that reliably gives you the results you need?

Benefit from automated wavelength selection for simple method set-up and optimised analysis, using the Element Finder™ plug-in for  the Thermo Scientific iCAP 7000 Series ICP-OES . Achieve robust, reliable and accurate performance for all your elemental analysis applications.

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Do you want a simple to use, productive and robust ICP-MS for your elemental analyses?

With both routine and research capability, the Thermo Scientific iCAP TQ ICP-MS provides high-performance elemental analysis for your laboratory. Improve your accuracy and enhance your laboratory efficiency with triple quadrupole technology that is so easy to use, any analyst can operate it.

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Qtegra Intelligent Scientific Data Solutions Software

Require a common software platform for your ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments?

Simplify user experience and improve laboratory efficiency with the innovative Thermo Scientific Qtegra Intelligent Scientific Data Solution (ISDS) platform software. This shared software approach provides control for the Thermo Scientific iCAP 7000 Plus Series ICP-OES, iCAP RQ ICP-MS and iCAP TQ ICP-MS instruments, so users can leverage their software familiarity across the techniques. Designed around the four pillars of workflow, scalability, compliance and data management, Qtegra ISDS software provides essential tools for consistent, accurate analysis.

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Orion Star T900 Series 

Do you perform automated titration in your lab for your QC or R&D activities?

Our new series of Potentiometeric Titrators include the T910, T920, T930 and the all-in-one T940. These state-of-the-art Titrators peform high quality analysis in the lab whether your sample is water, food, waste water, oil or pharma samples. Our titrators provide accuracy and speed of analysis with IQ/OQ documentation.

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Online Water/Wastewater Analysis Systems

Do you need to measure ansd control the quality of water on a continuous basis?

Thermo Scientific offers a wide range of online instruments for measuring the quality of water, including drinking water, wastewater, and process water. With our flexible AquaSensor technology, we provide analog and digital sensors to measure pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, toroidal conductivity, total dissolved solids, total suspended particles, ozone, chlorine and even other ions like sodium, hydrazine, phosphate, and silica.

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Sector Title Day/Time Theater
GC Q Exactive in routine forensic and doping control Tuesday, March 12 at 11.00 Sefa Theatre
General Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-6000 – flexible modular high-performance ion chromatography system to accelerate your productivity Tuesday, March 12 at 13.00 Labmate Theatre
General Preserving Data Integrity and Facilitating Compliance with ISO 17025 Tuesday, 12 March at 14.20 Labmate Theatre
General The Digital Transformation of the Laboratory Tuesday, 12 March at 16.20 Sefa Theatre
FoodLab Detect and Analyze Polar Pesticides using IC-MS/MS Wednesday, 13 March at 13.40 Sefa Theatre
FoodLab Pesticide Explorer Solution - Enhance Productivity, improve efficiency Wednesday, 13 March at 16.20 Sefa Theatre
FoodLab Vet Drugs Explorer Solution - Complete workflows for today and tomorrow's veterinary drugs analysis Wednesday, 13 March at 17.00 Sefa Theatre
General Introduction to iCAP TQ ICP-MS  Thursday, 14 March at 10.20 Labmate Theatre
Enrvirolab Improving trace element analysis of environmental samples Thursday, 14 March at 11.00 Labmate Theatre
General Increasing Productivity in Liquid Chromatography Thursday, 14 March at 11.40 Labmate Theatre
General Introducing the TSQ 9000 GC-MS/MS  - a routine workhorse in analytical laboratories Thursday, 14 March at 12.20 Labmate Theatre
General Chromeleon SW to simplify data evaluation? Thursday, 14 March at 13.00 Labmate Theatre
General Preserving Data Integrity and Facilitating Compliance with ISO 17025 Thursday, 14 March at 13.40 Labmate Theatre
General The Digital Transformation of the Laboratory Thursday, 14 March at 14.20 Labmate Theatre
 GC Q Exactive in Routine Forensic and Doping Control
 Dionex ICS-6000 – modular high-performance ion chromatography system
 Preserving Data Integrity and Facilitating Compliance with ISO 17025 (Tues)
 The Digital Transformation of the Laboratory (Tues)
 Detect and Analyze Polar Pesticides using IC-MS/MS
 Pesticide Explorer Solution
 Vet Drugs Explorer Solution
 Introduction to iCAP TQ ICP-MS
 Improving Trace Element Analysis of Environmental Samples
 Increasing Productivity in Liquid Chromatography
 Introducing the TSQ 9000 GC-MS/MS
 Chromeleon SW to Simplify Data Evaluation?
 Preserving Data Integrity and Facilitating Compliance with ISO 17025 (Thurs)
 The Digital Transformation of the Laboratory (Thurs)
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