ChemiSEM Technology

Thermo Scientific ChemiSEM Technology offers a leap forward in usability, convenience, and speed of analysis. It integrates state-of-the-art elemental analysis with the electron image in real time and is fully integrated within the user interface of the SEM. ChemiSEM Technology is based on live EDS quantification and builds on decades of our expertise in EDS analysis, guaranteeing reliable results.

EDS SEM failure analysis

This webinar shows how ChemiSEM Technology is used in failure analysis applications and how an “always-on” workflow is used to quantify complex materials in a very short time.

In this webinar you will learn how ChemiSEM Technology:

  • Provides a very short time to meaningful information with an “always-on” workflow
  • Supports live chemical imaging, with peak deconvolution to separate challenging element overlaps
  • Combines with phase and particle analysis for a complete understanding of your specimen
Chris Stephens

About the event speaker

Chris Stephens is a product marketing manager for microanalysis at Thermo Fisher Scientific, having spent many years prior as an applications specialist for analytical attachments on SEMs. Chris has worked with a large number of users across a wide range of application areas, using EDS microanalysis to solve different problems in materials science.

Prior to working at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Chris completed a PhD in Physics at the University of Leeds, studying phase transformations within confined systems, using electron microscopy to characterize changes in material structure. Chris enjoys developing SEM microanalysis for novel and interesting challenges and is currently focused on high-throughput and high-sensitivity applications.