Mar 03, 2021 - Mar 03, 2021

We kickstarted the 2021 Chromatography Innovation Series with exciting GC and GC-MS innovations that will empower you to transform your results.

On 3 March 2021, we launched and unveiled our next generation innovations. In case you missed our “live” session, you can tune in to our on-demand sessions now where you can watch informative presentations by Professor Alexander Makarov and industry experts in GC and GC-MS technologies. In addition, you can stand a chance now to win exclusive prizes when you participate in our Leaderboard and mini games challenges.*

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On-demand Sessions


The next generation to transform GC-MS

Dominic Roberts | Product Marketing Manager | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dominic Roberts

Dominic has been closely involved with the Thermo Scientific GC Orbitrap MS since its launch in 2015. He started at Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Senior Applications Specialist for the product and is currently the GC Orbitrap MS Marketing Manager. Dominic is an experienced analytical chemist and mass spectrometrist with more than 20 years of experience using state-of-the-art analytical systems. He has worked in both regulatory and industrial environment with GC-MS and LC-MS systems to investigate a variety of chemicals in food, biological, and environmental samples.

Jason Cole | Senior Product Manager | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Jason Cole

Jason Cole is currently managing the GC/GCMS product management team at Thermo Fisher Scientific. He has worked for Thermo Fisher Scientific for nineteen years with previous roles supporting applications development and product management of GC-single quadrupoles, triple quadrupoles and Orbitraps.

The next generation Orbitrap mass spectrometry family for every analytical lab

Professor Alexander Makarov | Director of Global Research, Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Professor Alexander Makarov

Alexander Makarov was born in the Siberian town of Irkutsk in 1966 and went to study at the Moscow Engineering Physics institute where he also obtained his Ph.D. After 2 post-doc years at Warwick University, he joined HD Technologies, a small high-tech company in Manchester (UK) where he started his work on the Orbitrap mass analyzer. Following the acquisition of the firm by Thermo Electron Corp. in 2000, Alexander provided scientific leadership of Orbitrap R&D, which led to the commercial launch of LTQ Orbitrap mass spectrometer in 2005 and subsequent extensions and new generations of this technology. He has received multiple awards, including the ASMS Award for Distinguished Contribution in Mass Spectrometry and the Thomson medal of IMSF. He holds the position of Director of Research, Life Science Mass Spectrometry, in Bremen, Germany and Chair in High Resolution Mass Spectrometry at Utrecht University in Netherlands. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 2020.

Efficiency gains of GC Orbitrap in high throughput and sensitive testing

David Haas | Senior Project Manager | Eurofins GfA Lab Services GmbH

David Haas

David Haas is senior project manager at Eurofins GfA Lab Services GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. He is leading the product development and automation team, to improve the departments performing analysis of persistent organic pollutants using mass spectrometric techniques in a high throughput laboratory. He graduated from JLU Gießen with a Masters degree in chemistry and environmental science. He has over eight years’ experience in both commercial and research laboratories focusing on environmental contaminants.

Improvement of sensitivity, accuracy and precision of quantitative data through automation

Gilberto Pintonello | Supervisor, Chromatography Department | Veritas S.p.A

Gilberto Pintonello

Gilberto has nearly 40 years of experience in GC and GC-MS analysis in VOCs, PAH, pesticides and 5 years in LC / HRMS. He has worked in pharmaceutical companies in the analysis of active ingredients and in public companies in environmental investigations and in the drinking water sector.

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