Clean Energy Forum battery research resources

Discover a wealth of knowledge and insights about battery research shared at the Clean Energy Forum, including inspiring videos, keynote speeches, and blog posts that feature experts from both academia and industry. Hear from renowned speakers such as Dan Shine, Nobel Laureate Stanley Whittingham, Professor Shirley Meng, Professor Chengcheng Fang, and many more as they share their thoughts on innovation, the evolution of battery chemistry, challenges in the battery value chain, and the importance of clean energy storage.

Expert interview with Shirley Meng

Shirley Meng discusses the evolution of battery chemistry, emphasizing the need for diverse innovations to propel battery technology forward.

Hear from renowned speakers from both academia and industry as they share insights into the latest advancements in battery technology and analytical characterization.

Dan Shine of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Professor Shirley Meng, Professor Chengcheng Fang, and others, talk about the importance of innovation in advancing battery technology.


William Chueh shares insights on the extended battery value chain, highlighting challenges and emphasizing the need for faster technology adoption for decarbonization.



Wendy Zhou discusses the intricate nature of supply chains, highlighting sustainability and circularity in battery manufacturing and recycling.



Meng Jiang underscores the pivotal role of performance-oriented applications in advancing electric vehicle technology.


Minghao Zhang discusses sodium's potential as a future battery solution, citing its abundance and addressing challenges for wider adoption.


Dr. Chengcheng Fang explores the significance of clean energy storage in addressing energy crises and ensuring reliability.


Nobel laureate Stanley Whittingham discusses scaling battery production, urging American companies to develop equipment for electric vehicle and grid storage.


Dan Steingart discusses the necessity for abundant materials in batteries and the challenge of environmentally friendly purification processes.


William Chueh explores the pivotal role of material innovation in the decarbonization revolution, emphasizing its scalability and transformative impact.


Dan Steingart explores resource-conscious processing in battery production and the need for cheaper, environmentally friendly purification processes, which are crucial for scalability.

Shirley Meng emphasizes the intricate chemistry behind battery production, stressing the importance of molecular-level understanding to push energy and power limits.


Chengcheng Fang delves into the intricate process of battery manufacturing, emphasizing the importance of understanding molecular arrangements for optimal energy, power, and stability.


Minghao Zhang discusses battery chemistry advancements, including efforts to develop new tools such as holders for sample transfer, data acquisition protocols, and AI-based data analysis software to aid battery scientists and the materials community.

Keynote speakers from the Clean Energy Forum

From tracing the evolution of lithium batteries to discussing fundamental research on battery materials, our keynote speakers covered topics such as sustainable manufacturing, advanced characterizations, direct recycling, ultra-thin lithium films, solid-state batteries, materials characterization, electron microscopy, and more. Gain valuable insights into the latest developments in clean energy battery technology.

Advancing Clean Energy Through Sustainable Battery Research with Electron Microscopy Technology

Meet the team behind Thermo Scientific electron microscopes and hear how these powerful tools support cutting-edge research and development.

Bridging the Gap: Overcoming Challenges in New Battery Technology from Scaling to Manufacturing

Ensuring that new battery technology can be scaled to commercial production requires open collaboration between R&D teams and manufacturers.

Accelerating Battery Technology Innovation

The key to creating next-generation clean energy technologies is combining the core strengths of academia and industry.

Exploring the Future of Battery Technology at Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Clean Energy Forum

Catch up on highlights from the inaugural Clean Energy Forum.

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