Watch on-demand: new ESCALAB QXi XPS Applications Demonstration Webinar

You can bring decades of surface analysis innovation to your lab, maximize your research capabilities, and increase automation with the new Thermo Scientific ESCALAB QXi XPS Microprobe. 

With the performance and flexibility required by cutting-edge research, the ESCALAB QXi XPS Microprobe offers an automated sample exchange (ASE) option that can queue analysis from a series of sample holders, with multiple samples attached. 

The ESCALAB QXi XPS Microprobe is extremely sensitive and produces high-quality spectra in seconds. Its automation capabilities result in more instrument time availability since it can operate without a user being present. 

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn how you can perform fully automated multi-technique surface analysis from a wide range of sample types, including metals, polymers, oxides, and battery materials
  • Watch the ESCALAB QXi Microprobe in action


  • Dr. Paul Mack
  • Dr. Tim Nunney 
  • Dr. Robin Simpson
  • Dr. Hsiang-Han Tseng