Sep 19, 2022 - Sep 23, 2022
Bologna, Italy
Join us at the 14th European Pesticide Residue Workshop

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Welcome to the on-demand highlights from the European Pesticide Residue Workshop (EPRW) 2016 held in Limassol, Cyprus, 24-27 May 2016. From the comfort of your desk, watch videos of poster presentations, seminars, and interviews from EPRW 2016. Read articles from experts in pesticides analysis and download for future reference. Join the experience and hear expert testimonials and update your knowledge of pesticide residues analysis.

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Featured posters

Featured videos

The Importance of Sensitivity in Screening Food Samples for Pesticides

Watch this video to hear Dra. Nuria Cortés-Francisco, Laboratori de l'Agència de Salut Pública de Barcelona, explain the technology her accredited lab uses to analyze over 35,000 samples a year. She uses liquid chromatography to screen a range of food matrices for over 200 compounds.

Using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry to Screen Challenging Food Samples for Pesticides and Other Contaminants

In this video, Carmen Ferrer Amate, EURL-FV, Universidad de Almería-Edificio de Química, explains why high resolution mass spectrometry is a highly selective and reliable technique that can be used to screen difficult matrices, like fruit and vegetable samples that have many components.

The Technology Ensuring Selectivity and Robustness in Pesticide Residue Analysis

Watch this video to hear from Maciej Bromirski, Q Exactive Product Marketing Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific, about overcoming the challenges of analyzing pesticide residues in a range of matrices. He also discusses the unique Orbitrap technology that enables analysis with a high detection range and high sensitivity.

The Analysis Protecting Consumers by Ensuring Safer Food

In this video, Susanne Ekroth, Chemist, Livsmedelsverket (National Food Agency, Sweden), explains how the agency fulfills its aims of providing safer food for the consumer. This involves producing methods that allow food contamination to be detected in a range of matrices, at low levels.

Discover How High Resolution GC Orbitrap Technology Enables Analysis of Low Level Pesticides in Complex Matrices

Paul Silcock, Senior Marketing Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses how GC Orbitrap technology offers both qualitative and quantitative analysis, with untargeted acquisition and high selectivity. This enables detection of low level samples in complex matrices, which is very important for the pesticides field

Welcome to the On Demand highlights from the 12th European Pesticide Residues Workshop held in Munich, Germany, 22–25 May 2018. From the comfort of your desk, access our vendor seminar presentations, posters and much more.

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Featured presentations

Featured posters

The Unofficial Guide to EPRW 2018

Did you miss this special supplement in which seven well known pesticide residues experts share their experience and thoughts on EPRW, past and present, and their opinions on current and future needs for analytical developments? No worries. Visit the Analytical Scientist website and download your free copy .