Workshops and Seminars

Accurate and reproducible data from meaningful measurements and analyses requires basic understanding as well as application know-how. Let Thermo Scientific instrument and software systems prove how easy it is to generate reliable answers for your research or work environment.

Our workshops will refresh or enhance your molecular spectroscopy, surface analysis, material characterization or elemental and structural analysis knowledge. You will be able to better analyze and optimize your products and workflows, which are the foundation for developing innovative applications.

Have a look at our upcoming workshops that are close to you. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events! Events are free of cost unless otherwise stated.

Agendas vary by location and not all topics will be covered in each workshop. Meeting topics will include:

  • Latest developments in our leading portfolio
  • Challenges with existing and emerging applications
  • User presentations
  • Hints and tips on software and hardware optimization

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