Materials Surface Analysis Webinars

Our webinars highlight the latest advances in materials and structural analysis across disciplines, enabling you to stay at the forefront of characterization. Our experts provide you with informative, educational content to help you overcome the challenges of high-quality analysis. Improve your productivity, maintain compliance, and remain up to date with the evolving technological and application landscape.

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Materials Science Research

Virtual Electron Microscopy Webinar Series | August 18–September 3, 2020 | Register now
Understanding XPS images and depth profiles with Avantage Software webinar (Part 2)
SEM portfolio webinar
Verios 5 webinar
Helios 5 Laser PFIB webinar
Phenom ProX webinar
All You Ever Wanted to Know about Auto Slice and View 4 with Q&A | July 21, 2020 | Register now
Live Demo on the Helios Hydra Multi-ion Source Plasma FIB | July 30, 2020 | Register now
Next-Gen Materials: Tools for Additive Manufacturing
Next-Gen Materials: New Energy Storage Technologies
Next-Gen Materials: Characterization of Catalysts
Next-Gen Materials: Multi-Modal Analysis of 2D Materials
Benefits of XRD in Teaching and R&D Facilities
Understanding Surface Chemistry with Avantage Software
Webinar: Thermo Scientific K-Alpha XPS System
Webinar: Thermo Scientific Nexsa Surface Analysis System
Webinar: Thermo Scientific ESCALAB Xi+ XPS Microprobe
ColorSEM Webinar
Helios 5 Webinar
Helios Hydra Webinar
Spectra 300 Webinar
Spectra 200 Webinar
Scios 2 Webinar
Phenom Perception GSR
Phenom ParticleX
Phenom XL G2
Building Confidence in Quality Assurances via Oil, Gas, Chemical and Polymer Webinar Week
Sweating the Small Stuff-Spectroscopy on the Micro Scale via Oil, Gas, Chemical and Polymer Webinar Week
Pushing the Boundaries in Material Research via Oil, Gas, Chemical and Polymer Webinar Week
Improving Manufacturing Quality and Efficiency via Near Infrared Spectroscopy via Oil, Gas, Chemical and Polymer Webinar Week
Practical Teaching of Elemental and Structural Analysis of Materials
Ensuring Quality and Safety of Polymers



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