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SEM EDS instrument introduction webinar.

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Modern industry has shown increasing research around the development of new products and the refinement of their characteristics. This, in turn, has shown a growth in requests for high-throughput characterization techniques to investigate unknown materials and analyze their composition.

Electron microscopy is the perfect technique for academic labs and industrial R&D, FA, and QC labs looking to explore issues that have spatial and compositional components. The large depth of focus and resolution electron microscopy is known for is complemented by the addition of energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS/EDX), which adds valuable compositional information tied directly to the spatial context of a feature of interest. However, in conventional implementations, it is considered relatively slow both in terms of interaction from the operator as well as time to acquire the data itself.

Our next-generation scanning electron microscope was designed to provide the most efficient SEM-EDS user experience possible for any application. It combines always-ready imaging with unique Thermo Scientific ChemiSEM Technology, making it an approachable system, even for users never previously exposed to SEM.

Ready to obtain results quickly with a user experience designed for improving time to data? Learn how to take the fastest route to elemental analysis and live quantitative compositional imaging at this webinar.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Discover zero-click elemental analysis that enhances accessibility and productivity with live quantitative elemental imaging.
  • Experience the future-proof flexibility of a large chamber, support of samples up to 10 kg, and enough ports to accommodate many accessories.
  • Find out how you can save time with fast pumping, automatic alignments, and an easy interface.


Speaker biography

Brandon Van Leer joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in late 2004 and has held various positions including Senior Applications Engineer, Applications Manager, and Product Marketing Manager. Currently, he is a Senior Applications & Business Development Manager for DualBeam and SEM instrumentation. Brandon’s professional background has focused largely on materials characterization and development of electronic materials and polymers. He has over 20 years experience in various analytical techniques and over 15+ years exploring SEM and FIB. Brandon’s current research interests are applications development for plasma FIB and multi-ion source plasma FIB. Brandon received his BS in Physics (1998) and his MS in Electrical Engineering (2002) from Oregon State University. He is a member of MSA, MRS and IEEE.

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