Training Course
Jun 07, 2016 - Jun 08, 2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific Material Characterization Training Center, Dieselstr. 4 76228 Karlsruhe Germany
Molecular Spectroscopy

Reliable and Correct Measurements – The Difference Between Error Bar and Reproducibility

Detailed theoretical and practical knowledge is conveyed in this advanced seminar on applied rheology, enabling you to identify and eliminate or reduce sources of measuring errors. This basic seminar will benefit quality managers, laboratory workers, engineers and scientists using rheological instruments in research and development, processing or quality control.

Dipl. Ing. Lothar Gehm, publicly appointed and sworn expert of Rheology, Bad Homburg and Rheology specialists.


777-0036 Rheology seminar 2 days 1150 € net


  • Instrument calibration and verification of temperature, torque and angular displacement calibration 
  • Appropriate instrumentation, temperature control and measuring geometry 
  • Detailed explanation of terms like measuring accuracy, uncertainty, reproducibility, error bar, error-propagation (DIN)
  • A sworn valuer’s case examples revealing sources of measuring errors in analytical labs 
  • How to identify and eliminate or reduce sources of measuring errors
  • Impact of sample handling, loading and trimming on data quality
  • How to set up user-indepandent measuring jobs with good reprodcubilty in the Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ RheoWin™ Data Manager
  • Practical training in small groups on diverse rheometers and viscometers