New advanced Apreo 2 SEM: unmatched versatility powered by ColorSEM Technology

Would you rather focus on your research or microscope performance? The Thermo Scientific™ Apreo 2 SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) is a high-performance field emission gun (FEG) SEM with unique live elemental imaging and an advanced, automated optics system. Thermo Scientific ColorSEM Technology powers live elemental imaging (SEM and EDS) that is more than just integrated EDS; it guides your analysis by providing quantitative data and instant region of interest identification for further analysis.

High-resolution SEM instruments can be intimidating for new users, requiring multi-day training and adjustments due to user error. Novice users also need good results at long working distances where they are more comfortable operating (i.e., where there is a lower chance of damaging the instrument). The Apreo 2 SEM offers nanometer-scale information at a range of working distances and operating conditions, providing leading high-resolution results for cutting-edge research and analysis.

Alignment and maintenance occupy a large portion of the instrument manager’s time on a weekly basis, wasting time that could be spent collecting data. Automatic alignments significantly reduce the time spent managing the instrument, allowing you to focus on the experiment rather than on optimizing instrument performance.

Learn how you can more quickly and easily meet your need for high-quality imaging and analysis of a range of samples at this webinar.

Speaker biography


Brandon Van Leer joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in late 2004 and has held various positions, including Senior Applications Engineer, Applications Manager, and Product Marketing Manager. Currently, he is a Senior Applications & Business Development Manager for DualBeam and SEM instrumentation. Brandon’s professional background has focused largely on materials characterization and development of electronic materials and polymers. He has over 20 years of experience in various analytical techniques and over 15+ years exploring SEM and FIB. Brandon’s current research interests are applications development for plasma FIB and multi-ion source plasma FIB. Brandon received his BS in Physics (1988) and his MS in Electrical Engineering (2002) from Oregon State University. He is a member of MSA, MRS, and IEEE.

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