Sep 10, 2019 - Nov 20, 2019
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Sep 10, 2019 - Nov 20, 2019

Harness the Power of Metabolomics

Biology is complex. To decipher these complexities, metabolomics analysis demands sophisticated analytical technologies and software solutions to advance scientific research.

By collaborating with the scientific community, we have developed pioneering Thermo Scientific Orbitrap MS solutions combined with the most comprehensive breadth of chromatographic separations to detect and resolve chemically diverse compounds in the metabolome.

This seminar series is your opportunity to keep up-to-date with this ever-evolving field and learn about powerful new technologies and solutions at the forefront of metabolomics analysis.

Topics will include*:

  • Increased Efficiency and Confidence Using Semi-targeted Metabolomics to Monitor Bioprocessing Outcomes
  • A Strategy for Building Quality Measures into Untargeted Metabolomics Studies
  • AcquireX…A Deep Dive into the Sea of Metabolic Features
  • The Ultimate Toolbox to Analyze Untargeted Metabolomics Data
  • Advances in Library Technologies: Leveraging the Data to Identify More of the Metabolome
  • Leveraging Knowledge-driven MSn Acquisition to Expand the Annotation Search Space in Untargeted Metabolomics

*Additional topics may be presented at certain locations.

Sep 18, 2019 - Nov 14, 2019

The New Pace of Innovation: Intelligence-driven Mass Spectrometry

Attend our annual Mass Spec Users’ Meetings to learn how we continue to set a new pace of innovation with intelligence-driven mass spectrometry solutions that enable you to drive research discoveries and perform routine tests in extraordinary ways.

Don’t miss this day of lively, informative presentations by experts from diverse fields discussing their latest research, hear about exciting new products that can help you go beyond current discoveries, and network with your peers.

Topics will include*:

  • Plenary Session – The New Pace of Innovation: Intelligence-driven Mass Spectrometry
  • Introduction to Next-generation Benchtop Quadrupole-Orbitrap Hybrid Mass Spectrometer – New Platform, New Technology, Novel Capabilities
  • Introducing a Faster Path to MS Analysis with the Thermo Scientific VeriSpray Ion Source
  • Go Beyond Today’s Discoveries with the New Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid Mass Spectrometer
  • …and many more!

*For a complete list, see the agenda for each city.

Oct 02, 2019 - Nov 14, 2019

Lab hack: a trick, shortcut, skill, or method that improves lab productivity and efficiency

Join us in a city below to learn new ways to streamline your analytical workflows. Bring your favorite lab hacks to share with other attendees and questions or issues you would like us to address during the roundtable sessions.

If you use Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ CDS and want to learn more about it or have questions, you can schedule time for a demo or consultation with one of our experts. If you are performing elemental analysis, you will get an overview of our  trace element analysis portfolio and useful tips on Thermo Scientific™ Qtegra™ Intelligent Scientific Data Solution™ (ISDS) platform software.

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend a day picking up great information and networking with your colleagues.


Registration and continental breakfast begin at 8:15 a.m. local time. Seminars run from 8:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Chromatography Track

  • Opening Session
    • Chromatography Data System Software Tips and Tricks
    • Sample Preparation Approaches for Varying Sample Matrices
  • GC Session (in parallel with IC Session)
    • Modern Analytical Tools That Can Separate Success from Failure
    • What You Wish You Knew Yesterday: Lab Hacks to Improve Method Robustness, Sensitivity, and Throughput
    • Benefits Realized: Expert Advice to Optimize Workflows and Applications for Knowns and Unknowns
  • IC Session (in parallel with GC Session)
    • Meet the Demands of Your Analysis
    • The Latest Innovations in Column Technology
    • 5 Quick Tips to Develop and Improve Your Method
  • Lunch
  • Roundtable Discussion
  • LC Session
    • Increasing Productivity of Method Development
    • Revolutionizing Chromatography with the Thermo Scientific Vanquish UHPLC Systems
    • Preparative LC Strategy for Optimizing Resources and Available Sample Material

*Additional topics may be presented at select locations

Elemental Analysis Track

  • Opening Session
    • The Real Industry Challenges in Elemental Analysis
    • Build a better ICP-MS Workflow
  • Demos and Consultations
  • Lunch
    • Meet the Demands of Your Analysis
    • Boost Productivity and Interference Removal with Single and Triple Quad ICP-MS
  • Roundtable Discussion

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