Sep 05, 2016 - Sep 07, 2016
Technology and Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

See the latest innovations to help streamline your drug development process:

  • Characterize – understand API/excipient formulation properties
  • Materialize – produce extruded solid dosage forms (eg. implants, pellets etc.)
  • Analyze – evaluate your solid formulations post-extrusion using a variety of techniques
Featured Thermo Scientific™ products

Identify the right drug candidates for hot melt extrusion by compounding as little as 3g of material.

The ideal spectrometer for product assurance testing and material identification.

Not able to attend PharmSci?
If you are not able to attend PharmSci, then don’t miss out on learning more about these technologies. View this recorded webinar at your convenience:

Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals: Scale-up of a Hot Melt Extrusion Process