Mar 17, 2019 - Mar 21, 2019
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

Benefit from the expertise we shared at Pittcon 2019. Learn how to increase lab productivity through tips and tricks we shared in our educational seminars and posters. Plus, discover new products that were introduced at this year’s show.

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New products presented at Pittcon

Thermo Scientific Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer
Generate fast, reliable answers with less effort even in busy, multi-user QC labs or teaching labs.

Thermo Scientific OMNIC Paradigm Software
Process spectra and generate custom workflows with an intuitive software interface.

Thermo Scientific BeerCraft Software
Preprogrammed methods enable simple sample analysis to evaluate your brewing process and final product.

Thermo Scientific TriPlus 500 Gas Chromatography Headspace Autosampler
Scalable, compact design that is reliable, efficient and capable of handling samples at high throughput.

Thermo Scientific SMART Automation Workflow
Thermo Scientific SMART Digest Trypsin Kit and the Thermo Scientific KingFisher Duo Prime system combine to create an LC-MS solution for efficient peptide mapping.

Thermo Scientific Accucore Biphenyl LC Column
Offers more reliable separations for high-resolution analysis of steroid hormones and drugs of abuse.

Thermo Scientific Dioxin Analyzer
End-to-end GC-MS/MS workflow that delivers reliable and cost-effective routine analysis of dioxins and dl-PCBs.

Thermo Scientific Dionex IonPac AS31 Column
Achieve faster separation of haloacetic acids (HAAs), bromate, and dalapon in drinking water prior to IC-MS analysis.