How to solve structures at a perfected pace for drug discovery

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Enable structure-based drug design for your most difficult targets

For many membrane proteins and other biological targets of interest to pharma, structural information is unknown. The size, complexity, and flexibility of these targets make them unsuitable for traditional structure determination techniques such as crystallography. Without structural insights to inform your drug design, you potentially miss out on discovering more effective drug candidates.

At the same time, you face tremendous pressure to reduce the time-to-market of new drugs. Structure-based drug design requires expedient delivery of de novo structures, followed by repeat structures of the target in combination with candidate compounds. As drug targets become more challenging, it becomes increasingly difficult to solve structures in time to meet the pace of drug discovery.

The good news is structure-based drug discovery doesn’t have to be so challenging. Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) is the structure determination method of choice to address your toughest structural biology challenges. Cryo-EM allows you to visualize difficult-to-crystallize molecules at near-atomic resolution. With this level of detail, you can obtain structural insight for a lot more of your drug discovery projects, guiding compound design from hit to lead and beyond. Cryo-EM empowers you to take advantage of rational drug design for many more major drug target classes, leading to best-in-class drugs.

Ready to solve structures at a pace that meets that of your drug discovery process? Learn how to lead the race to more effective drugs at this webinar.

Cryo-EM for Drug Discovery | On-demand

What if you could get structural insights at near-atomic resolution of your most challenging drug targets at a pace that meets that of your drug discovery projects?

This webinar features the latest solution to address current challenges with SBDD.

Webinar: How to solve structures at a perfected pace for drug discovery
You will discover:

  • An innovative cryo-EM solution optimized for drug discovery
  • How this solution can increase your chances in finding hits, lead compounds and beyond
  • Testimonials from your peers on this innovative solution and how this improves their outcomes and results

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