TIAFT 2019, September 2-6 | Birmingham, UK

Confident Results in Toxicology

As drug screening becomes more complex and challenging advanced technologies are needed for screening and confirmation.

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Looking beyond the lab: Critical considerations for optimizing the workflow for drug screening of drivers under the influence.

Dr. Guido Pelletti, MD Guido Pelletti of University of Bologna, Bologna (UNIBO), Italy

This seminar on recent trends in drugs abused by drivers, specifically puts a spotlight on the increased prevalence of Novel Psychoactive Substances and Poly-drug use. Dr. Pelletti discusses his research that led to a deeper understanding of key considerations that can help optimize specificity/sensitivity and accuracy of the drug screening workflow in a laboratory and can help catch true positives for drivers under the influence.

Modernizing GC Sampling Solution to Serve Productivity and Result Defensibility in Forensic Laboratories

Daniela Cavagnino, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Rodano (MI), Italy

When dealing with GC analyses of volatiles in biological samples, highly automated and reliable sampling solutions are a must to maximize sample integrity and data accuracy while assuring timely response capability for laboratories serving the toxy/forensic market. New technological advances offer extended unattended workflows for high quality and defendable data supporting laboratories in keeping up high demand for services.

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