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Preserving sensitive circuit areas while delivering greater defect localization capabilities is what the new TR-LADA option can do for your Meridian Optical Fault Isolation system.

As the world’s leading foundries and leading-edge fabless chip designers move to technology nodes below 7nm, this creates unique defect localization challenges. 

The new Time-resolved – Laser Assisted Device Alteration (TR-LADA) option, available with Thermo Scientific’s Meridian Optical Fault Isolation systems, allows customers to track subtle timing issues and debug parametric-defects on advanced logic devices. For customers, TR-LADA provides the ability to avoid defect obfuscation and damage to sensitive circuit areas, while delivering higher resolution defect localization. 

In this on-demand webinar, find out how TR-LADA can help you improve the productivity of your research. You’ll learn:

  • About how TR-LADA enables users to quickly identify design fixes for marginal failing parts and improve yield
  • How TR-LADA provides sensitive circuitry information without damaging the device or obscuring defects.

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Jennifer Kopp

Jennifer Kopp has more than twenty years of experience in the semiconductor equipment industry, most recently in technical marketing leadership roles in Electrical Failure Analysis and in-line Inspection and Metrology. 

She serves as Product Marketing Manager for Meridian Optical Fault Isolation (OFI) systems as well as ELITE Lock- in Thermography (LIT) systems.  These systems are used to identify the location and root cause mechanisms of electrical failures in advanced IC devices and packages manufactured worldwide.

Prior to joining Thermo Fisher Scientific, Jennifer worked in technical marketing and applications engineering roles at KLA-Tencor in Milpitas, CA and Applied Materials in Santa Clara, CA.

Jennifer has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University.  Outside of work, she enjoys sailing the San Francisco Bay and neighboring waterways on her sailboat, the S.V. Sababa.

Michael Morag

Michael Morag graduated from University of California Los Angeles with a BS in Physics.He is an EFA Applications Engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific. His specialty is Optical Fault Isolation.

He has worked at Thermo Fisher Scientific for 6 years.