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This meeting covered the latest trends and techniques to meet current water and environmental testing demands for emerging contaminants and evolving regulations. Our guest speakers from the water industry and environmental research and testing laboratories will shared their expertise on their latest work, analytical workflows, and automation.

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June 27 (Day 1) Emerging contaminants

This session will explore PFAS, microplastics, untargeted screening, automation and sample preparation.

Attend the whole day or selected presentations only.  Download agenda.

June 28 (Day 2) – Evolving regulations

This session will explore disinfection by-products, haloacetic acids, heavy metals, volatiles/semi-volatiles analysis.

Attend the whole day or selected presentations only.  Download agenda.

09:0010:00Online access opens (Streaming begins 09:30 BST/10:30 CEST)
09:3010:30Opening of the event
Speaker: Becky Tuckwell, Thermo Fisher Scientific
09:4010:40Welcome and introduction
Speaker: Jeff Stubbs, Thermo Fisher Scientific
09:5010:50Screening of unknowns using Thermo Scientific Orbitrap MS and Thermo Scientific Compound Discoverer software
Speaker: Janine Elliot, Scottish Environment Protection Agency
10:2011:20Biotoxins, seafood safety and mass spectrometry
Speaker: Ben Maskrey, Centre of Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
10:5011:50Determination of microplastics with pyrolysis and GC-MS
Speaker: Dr. Michael Soll, Frontier Lab Europe
11:4012:40Starting your voyage into PFAS and other POPs? Tools and protocols to succeed
Speaker: Ed George, Thermo Fisher Scientific
13:40Use of Thermo Scientific Exploris 120 Orbitrap HRAM-LC-MS for the analysis of 47 PFAS compounds in UK waters
Speaker: John Quick, ALS Environmental Ltd.
15:10What combustion ion chromatography sum parameter analysis can do for the analysis of PFAS
Speaker: Dr. Lewis Mark, A1-envirosciences Limited
14:4015:40Workshop - new untargeted PFAS analysis workflow capabilities within Compound Discoverer software
Speaker: Frans Schoutsen, Thermo Fisher Scientific
15:1016:10Workshop - new approaches in performing automation by GC (and LC)
Speaker: Dan Carrier, Thermo Fisher Scientific
15:3016:30Closing of the live streaming event
09:0010:00Online access opens (Streaming begins 09:30 BST/10:30 CEST)
09:3010:30Opening of the event, welcome and introduction
Speaker: Ed George, Thermo Fisher Scientific
09:5010:50Beyond compliance - use of the Orbitrap Exploris 120 HRAM-LC-MS for the monitoring of catchments
Speaker: Mark Collins, Northern Ireland Water
10:2011:20Utilizing IC-MS/MS for the analysis of halo acetic acids and disinfection by products in drinking water
Speaker: Chris Pegg, Anglian Water
10:5011:50GC-MS analysis of environmental samples using automated sample preparation
Speaker: John Quick, ALS Environmental Ltd.
11:4012:40Development of an ion chromatography method with EC and MS detection for the analysis of bromide and the disinfection by products bromate, chlorate and chlorite
Speaker: Joseph Scott, Affinity Water
13:10High throughput nutrients analysis - developing methodologies for environmental and wastewater matrices
Speaker: Red Godwin, Thermo Fisher Scientific
12:4013:40Performing the analysis of trace metals in environmental samples via ICP and ICP-MS
Speaker: Trudy McMurray, Northern Ireland Environment Agency
13:1514:15Closing of the live streaming event

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