Sep 28, 2018 - Sep 28, 2018
Polymer pellets

Combining rheology and Raman spectroscopy provides comprehensive insight into material behavior. Rheology is the perfect technique to correlate absolute flow and deformation characteristics, but doesn’t provide insights into what is happening at the molecular level when rheological changes occur. That’s where Raman comes in. Raman is an effective and non-invasive method that is sensitive to structural composition of materials; providing the capability to differentiate between a material’s molten and crystalline forms. 

When these techniques work together you can see a direct correlation of molecular composition and structure to the mechanical properties. Other benefits from this correlative analysis with a rheometer and Raman spectrometer include:

  • Studying phase transition behavior
  • Insight for in-situ characterization and monitoring
  • Advantage of maximizing and synchronizing the information gathered from a single measurement
  • Observation of transient information during fast processing conditions

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