Nov 29, 2017 - Nov 29, 2017
Booth #420 - 421 | Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston Street, Boston, MA

Materials Research Society 2017

Visit Booths #420/421 to learn more about imaging and analysis solutions that help material scientists improve their sample characterization, and their analysis to create new and advanced materials. Our team of experts can help you gain deeper insight into your material samples using the latest advances in analytical instruments. The booth will feature the following techniques FTIR, Surface/Microanalysis, X-ray Diffraction, Raman and Electron Microscopy, as well as analytical and specialty chemicals and reagents. Don't forget to pick up your virtual reality souvenir when you stop by.

Scientists are expanding their knowledge of elemental construction—what materials are made of—and how they behave over time in response to light, heat, pressure, and other stimuli. Exciting discoveries can potentially improve city infrastructures, increase clean water supplies, and significantly reduce energy demands in everything from vehicles to household light bulbs.

Materials scientists around the world turn to Thermo Fisher Scientific workflows to find answers. Why? Innovation. We have consistently delivered significant technology “firsts,” including the first system to break the 1-Ångström resolution barrier and allow scientists to see and measure the distances between atoms.

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Quattro SEM: An evolution in high resolution environmental experimentation

Watch our webcast to learn how the Thermo Scientific™ Quattro™ ESEM enables high-resolution observation of materials in their natural state under a variety of environmental stimuli from the micro- to the nanoscale and in real time.

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Talos F200i S/TEM: Outstanding productivity and repeatability for materials characterization at the sub-nm level

Watch our webcast to learn how the Thermo Scientific™ Talos™ F200i S/TEM, our newest 20–200 kV high-performance, compact scanning transmission electron microscope, makes high-resolution imaging and associated analytical performance accessible to a wider range of labs across a broader range of materials.

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