Gibco Pluripotent Stem Cell Workshops

Whether you are new to pluripotent stem cell research or need a refresher course, our scientists can provide detailed stem cell training so you feel confident using stem cells in your research. Our training workshops provide hands-on stem cell training in techniques for culturing and characterizing human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), as well as reprogramming techniques for the creation of iPSCs.

Each workshop is limited to 8 attendees to provide a comfortable learning experience and allow for personalized interactions between the trainers and attendees. Reserve your seat today!


We regret to inform you that all 2020 courses have been cancelled at this time.

As an alternative to hands-on training, we have begun developing digital modules for your convenience. Below are the first of many courses to help advance your stem cell research.


Each Gibco Pluripotent Stem Cell Workshop is structured as a three-day course with both lecture and hands-on laboratory work. Our expert trainers will guide you through a variety of stem cell techniques and work with you 1:1 to help ensure you are successful in learning these new methods.

You will receive a detailed course guide, containing all lecture materials, laboratory protocols, and troubleshooting tips, so you can get started right away when you return to your lab. And even though we take training very seriously, we might add in some fun things for you to take home as well!

Agenda topics include:

  • Basic maintenance and care of hESC and iPSCs
  • Freezing, thawing, plating, and passaging techniques
  • Culturing PSCs under feeder-dependent  and feeder-free conditions
  • Reprogramming and identification of iPSCs
  • Differentiation and characterization methods for PSCs

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Hear what past attendees had to say

The course was simply amazing.

— 2017 Workshop attendee

The lab space was ample, well equipped and organized. I really enjoyed having multiple instructors available during lab sessions to help with experiments.

— 2017 Workshop attendee

It was a fantastic course for beginners. I’m really interested in similar course offerings downstream.

— 2016 Workshop attendee

It was a great course, which provided me with useful information and more importantly, the 'hands-on' practical time that will prove vital in spotting good colonies! I would not hesitate in recommending the course to others in the industry.

— 2015 Workshop attendee

Very friendly and approachable. Helpful and knowledgeable. Didn't push to sell products, but outlined the benefits and how they were developed.

— 2014 Workshop attendee

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