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PRESENTATION: Thursday, February 3rd, 9:45 am - 10:15 am, Island Ballroom
Integrative analysis of whole-genome and transcriptome sequence data for identification of treatment options for metastatic triple negative breast cancer.

D Craig
NGS Technology

PRESENTATION: Thursday, February 3rd, 12:15 pm - 2:15 pm, Palms Ballroom
Rapid disease gene identification by exome sequencing in rare and common genetic disorders.

J Veltman

NGS Technology

PRESENTATION: Friday, February 4th, 7:00 pm - 7:20 pm, Salon E & F
Genomic sequencing for clinical diagnostics and patient management.

M Bainbridge

NGS Technology PRESENTATION: Friday, February 4th, 7:20 pm - 7:40 pm, Island Ballroom
Ion Torrent’s Personal Genome Machine coupled with Fluidigm’s Access Array provides a multiplexed sample approach to rapid evaluation of novel genomic targets.
J Boland, J Myers, J Rothberg, D Roberson, J Bacior, V Lonsberry, A McCary, A May, F Kaper, M Yeager, A Hutchinson, S Chanock
NGS Technology

PRESENTATION: Friday, February 4th, 7:40 pm - 8:00 pm, Island Ballroom
Whole exome and regional capture sequencing developments and applications.

D Muzny

NGS Technology

PRESENTATION: Friday, February 4th, 8:00 pm - 8:20 pm, Salon G through J
Identification of biomarkers for antibiotic resistance in E. coli clinical isolates.

L Zechiedrich

Population Genetics

PRESENTATION: Friday, February 4th, 7:20 pm - 7:40 pm, Salon G through J
Dissecting the divergence of dogs from their wild ancestors: complete genome sequences of 5 close relatives to modern dog breeds.

J Novembre

Single Cell Analysis PRESENTATION: Thursday, February 3rd, 7:50 pm - 8:10 pm, Salon G through J
Tracing the derivation of embryonic stem cells from the inner cell mass by single cell RNA-Seq analysis.
K Lao

Performance and accuracy breakthroughs with 5500 Series SOLiD™ Sequencers.

T Burcham, P Kinney, S Boege, J Hoshizaki, M Chan, D Cox, J Briggs, L Jones, J Ziegle, L Joe, S Chang, K Perry, T Matsui, S Yamamoto, R Inaba


High accuracy base space sequencing: results from error-correction ligation chemistry.

A Siddiqui, M Sikora, S Datta, C Yang, H Breu, D Brinza, C Duncan, R Hsu, V Panchapakesa, V Tadigotla, S Utiramerur, A Vadapalli, E White, T Sokolsky, C Lee, F Hyland, Blanchard, K McKernan


Toward error-free sequencing and the $1K genome: new instrumentation and chemistries for sequencing by ligation.

A Watson, SOLiD™ Sequencing Team

Cancer Genome-wide analysis of genetic variation and mRNA expression in formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tumor samples using next-generation sequencing technologies. C Adams, M Dudas, B Vaughan, M Wei, T Chen, D Krissinger, G Marnellos, C Barbacioru, T Xu, R Bennett
Cancer Low input mate-paired sequencing for primary tumor samples. Z Chen, T Biorac, M Wei, B Li, T Xu, A Harris, M Dudas, C Adams, R Bennett
Cancer SOLiD™ approaches for expression profiling of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples. J Gu, K Lea, C San Jose Hinahon, E Zeringer, S Heater, J Schageman, C Muller, K Bramlett
Cancer RNA-Seq for identifying gene expression changes responsible for relapse in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). D Holloway , S McLaughlin, C Clouser, E Levandowsky, T Gilbert, T Ross, J Spangler, L Phillips, S Heatley, L Wei, J Zhang, C Lee, H Peckham, C Mullighan
Cancer Identification of recurrent gene fusions in breast cancer cell lines using paired-end RNA-Seq. O Sakarya, K Bramlett, J Bodeau, M Muller, H Breu, L Popescu, Y Wang, P Vatta, Z Zhang, F Hyland, A Siddiqui
Cancer Rapid semiconductor sequencing of cancer-related genes in FFPE samples. L Le, J Iafrate, J Myers, JM Rothberg
Cancer SOLiD™ system accuracy and sensitivity enables detection of low frequency variation in heterogeneous samples. M Storm
Informatics Towards a pushbutton human genome. B Merriman, B O’Connor, T Harkins
Informatics Accessing the inaccessible genome. HE Peckham, TT Harkins, EM Beasley
Informatics Computational methods for accurate detection of small complex variants. EF Tsung, JM Manning, CJ Kennedy, V Sheth, M Shah, SF McLaughlin, FC Hyland, AS Siddiqui, CC Lee, HE Peckham
NGS Technology Methods and reagents for automating DNA fragment library construction on commonly available liquid handling robotic platforms. J Bishop, M Allen, K Poulter, A Harris, R Bennett
NGS Technology A single-tube protocol for next-generation library construction increases complexity and simplifies parallel sample handling. AN Harris, K Park, X Duan, R Meredith, JM Kilzer, PN Gilles, E White, C Duncan, D Ye, T Sokolsky, R Bennett
NGS Technology Sequencing of methylated human DNA enriched through MBD-affinity is a cost-effective alternative to whole-genome bisulfite conversion. GD Meredith, M Dudas, E Levandowsky, T Gilbert, D Krissinger, G Marnellos, V Sheth, C Adams, C Lee, T Harkins, R Bennett
NGS Technology Real-time data quality feedback for the 5500 Series SOLiD™ Sequencers. K Perry, S Chang, R Fish, L Lua, L Jones, M Mariano, S Ngola, M Shen, A Vadapalli, L Xu, S Yerramelli, J Ziegle
NGS Technology Use of the EZ-Bead™ system for the automated preparation of sub-micron emulsion PCR (ePCR) beads for next generation DNA-sequencers. K Varma, C Lambert, A Lau, R Kasinskas, M Taing, M Page, E Nordman, W Wu, D Do, E Gerdts, M Jordan, Z Liu, A Karger, JC Podhasky, M Song, K Elrod, G Costa, R Bennett
NGS Technology Use of synthetic transcript pools to evaluate RNA-Seq performance and analytical methods. P Whitley, L Qu, A Lemire, J Brockman, S Heater, J Schageman, J Gu, K Lea, C San Jose, N Hernandez, D Batten, K Bramlett, D Ilsley, C Mueller, R Setterquist
NGS Technology Scaling semiconductor sequencing from microbial to human genomes on a single platform. J Rothberg, Ion Torrent Team
NGS Technology Multiplex exome enrichment from pooled barcoded libraries yields efficient SNP and InDel detection on the SOLiD™ system. GD Meredith
Population Genetics Getting personal: enhanced understanding of human genome biology with a petabase of one human genome. JK Ichikawa, N Fantin, W Tom, M Shenasa, A Hutchison, J La, R Kasinskas, C Clouser, K Mather, C Duncan, B Li, C Li, E Dimalanta, Y Fu, S McLaughlin, M Lyons, H Peckham, C Yang, Y Chu, H Fu, A Siddiqui, G Costa, K McKernan, T Harkins
Population Genetics Ligation-based dibase sequencing of Ötzi the Iceman. SF McLaughlin, J Spangler, M Shah, CC Lee, HE Peckham, V Tadigotla, D Holloway, A Grafen, F Maixner, A Zink, M Ball, C Pusch, N Blin, E Meese, J Mayer, M Matzas, N Kefer, V Boisguerin, A Keller, F De La Vega, KJ McKernan, TT Harkins
Population Genetics Analysis of a southern African genome using massively parallel sequencing with error correcting codes. V Tadigotla, C Clouser, T Weaver, J Spangler, M Sikora, J Healy, CC Lee, T Harkins
Single Cell Analysis Allele-specific gene expression from single cell RNA-Seq. C Barbacioru, F Tang, E Nordman, K Lao, MA Surani

Posters & Presentations