Thermo Fisher Scientific Targets Neurons and Primary Cells with Expansion of Transfection Reagent Portfolio

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Mauricio Minotta

Carlsbad, CA, USA

Thermo Fisher Scientific Targets Neurons and Primary Cells with Expansion
of Transfection Reagent Portfolio
 Lipofectamine MessengerMAX delivers up to five times the efficiency of DNA reagents

CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 4, 2014 – Researchers can now more efficiently study predictive cell models and human disease with the launch of a new high-efficiency transfection reagent for mRNA delivery in neurons and primary cell types.

Lipofectamine MessengerMAX offers up to a five times the efficiency of DNA reagents and enables researchers to easily transfect biologically relevant cell models without electroporation or viruses. Researchers studying these cells have been faced with challenges due to limited options in the market. DNA reagents tend to be inefficient for transfection of primary cells, and other approaches can introduce toxicity into cells and negatively affect data. 

Primary cell models such as neurons, hepatocytes, keratinocytes and fibroblasts provide researchers with more meaningful answers to their research questions. To transfect these cells, Lipofectamine MessengerMAX uses novel lipid nanoparticle technology optimized to deliver the highest amount of mRNA possible without the need to enter the nucleus.

"In my lab, we used Lipofectamine MessengerMAX to successfully transfect mesenchymal stem cells with high efficiency without the toxic effects of viral vectors,” said Daniel Cohen, Ph.D., Research Specialist at the University of Pennsylvania. “The ability to easily transfect primary cells and circumvent the difficulties of transgenic DNA delivery that can impede discovery enables us to work with more biologically relevant cell models.”

MessengerMax is the newest high-efficiency transfection reagent in Thermo Fisher’s portfolio since introducing Lipofectamine 3000 in January. Lipofectamine 3000 is among the company’s most versatile DNA transfection products for delivery of nucleic acid in a broad spectrum of cell lines, including difficult-to-transfect cells.

“In order to maximize the product’s efficiency, we have designed it to protect mRNA against degradation and to deliver the maximum amount of mRNA in the cytoplasm of the cells,” said Xavier de Mollerat du Jeu, associate director, Cell Biology at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “This ensures a strong and sustained protein expression and transfection efficiencies of up to 80 percent in primary cells.”

Lipofectamine MessengerMAX is For Research Use Only; Not intended for diagnostic procedures.

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