See below for a diagram of our business development and in-licensing partnering process. The process is the same whether you're looking for us to help you develop technology and intellectual property, or looking for a partner to develop and commercialize your product.

Our partnering model



Our partnering process


We assess projects, whether internally or externally derived, against our evaluation criteria (outlined below). We pursue attractive opportunities, regardless of source. These criteria also provide helpful feedback to our partners.

Preliminary assessment is usually non-confidential and aims to determine the following:

  • Is the technology robust or validated?
  • Does the technology address unmet market needs?
  • What is the development stage of the technology?
  • Can the technology be productized and scaled?
  • Is the technology incremental or groundbreaking?
  • Does the technology fit within our areas of interest?


An integrated evaluation team examines the opportunity data in detail. This team may include our colleagues from research, manufacturing, development, sales and marketing, IP, legal, and business development (as appropriate). 

A confidentiality agreement and/or a Material Transfer Agreement may be signed during this step. The following may be considered:

  • Further evaluation of strategic fit and commercial alignment with our business
  • Ease of use, and barriers to customer adoption
  • Addressable market size and revenue potential
  • Scalability for manufacturing
  • Intellectual property analysis
  • Competitive landscape and financial analysis
  • Feasibility studies (a hands-on scientific evaluation of your technology)



Our experienced licensing and business development colleagues lead contract negotiation of deal terms and execution of an agreement.

We work to realize the maximum value of collaborations with you as partner by:

  • Having frequent, consistent communication 
  • Aligning our shared vision and objectives
  • Listening
  • Understanding bottlenecks that my come up, and working together to find solutions
  • Planning for success.

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