Industry-leading technologies to help develop your workflow

Our experience in product development has provided us with extensive expertise in matching assays to instruments. Let us help you match reagents to your instrument platforms, or instruments to your reagent platform, or develop an entire workflow solution. 

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Sample Preparation & Magnetic Particles

Dynal™ magnetic bead technology coupled with ChargeSwitch™ and MagMax™ separation and isolation capabilities provides robust, complete solutions for sample preparation needs, from nucleic acids to proteins and cells.

Fluorescent Labeling & Detection

Fluorescent labeling and detection technology—including Alexa Fluor™ and DyLight™ dyes—and chemiluminescence technology, coupled with leadng fluorescent dye chemistry.

Conjugation Tools & Techniques

Custom conjugation services, SiteClick™ antibody conjugation technology, and other conjugation tools and technologies. Directly labeled antibodies allow you to use more than one same-species antibody in a single staining experiment.

Instruments & Software

Applied Biosystems™ capabilities in instrument platforms coupled with Invitogen™ and Cellomics™ benchtop instrument strength, to help build an effective total solution for your customers.

Nucleic Acid Amplification

Reagents, enzymes, controls, and instruments to help prepare samples, amplify, standardize, and detect results using PCR—as well as many other amplification techniques for RNA and DNA.

Sequencing Tools

A range of detection and enzyme technologies, sample preparation tools, and instruments, for use in capillary electrophoreses and next-generation sequencing.

Genome Editing and Modification

GeneArt™ TALs and CRISPR-Cas gene editing technologies for simple and flexible genome engineering, and Stealth RNAi™ technology for highly target-specific knockdowns with low off-target effects.

Protein Expression Systems

Gibco™ cGMP-banked CHO, other mammalian, primary and stem cell lines, and insect and yeast expression systems, along with specialized media and supplements.

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