OEM Cloning

Cloning technologies

Over the past several decades, Invitrogen™ brand products have included cloning technologies and tools that span applications from cDNA library assembly to transfection, using the highly respected Lipofectamine™ reagent, our Gateway™ technology, and more.

Many of these technologies and tools are available under license for use in your services or for use in manufacturing your products for sale. We welcome your inquiries. Please feel free to contact us to discuss working together.

Protein expression systems

Thermo Fisher offers a wide variety of protein expression systems to enable your small- and large-scale production of proteins for commercial use, including therapeutics, diagnostics, and contract research. Using the best expression system for your protein and obtaining the appropriate intellectual property rights is the key to your success.

Solubility, functionality, speed, and yield are often the most important factors to consider when choosing an expression system.

Mammalian expression

Constitutive and inducible mammalian expression systems are ideal choices for producing proteins with proper folding and posttranslational modifications. Discover our wide range of mammalian expression systems for your research.

Insect expression

Baculovirus expression systems are powerful and versatile systems for high-level recombinant protein expression in insect cells.

Bacterial expression

Protein expression in E. coli is simple, easy, and fast while delivering high yields, making it the most popular protein expression technique.

Yeast expression

Offering the same advantages as E. coli expression (high yields, easy scale-up, etc.), with expression in a eukaryotic host instead (for proper protein folding and posttranslational modifications), the PichiaPink™ system is an ideal choice.

Cell-free (in vitro) expression

Cell-free expression systems produce high yields of active protein at both small and large scales in 1 hour, saving time and effort.

BacMam expression

BacMam technology is based on double-stranded DNA insect viruses (baculoviruses) as vehicles to efficiently deliver and express genes in mammalian cells. The baculovirus has been modified by engineering a mammalian expression cassette for transgene expression in mammalian cells. Baculoviruses are nonreplicating in mammalian cells and thus have an excellent safety profile, combined with being well-tolerated by cells. 

To learn more about how our novel technologies and products can help you with your commercial cloning and protein expression needs, please contact us at outlicensing@thermofisher.com.

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