Sequencing tools

Genetic Analysis Reagents

For more than 25 years, Applied Biosystems has set the standard for genetic analysis through its capillary electrophoresis–based DNA sequencing technology. We are pleased to provide our licensees and OEM customers with access to this unique portfolio of technologies for use in combination with our capillary electrophoresis (CE) platforms.

Applications include sequencing infectious disease agents (including viral genomes or cDNA) to identify genetic variants. Rights can be obtained for making and selling kits, or for use of our technologies in a commercial service, such as providing human diagnostics services or contract research services.

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BigDye Terminators

BigDye™ terminators are proprietary dideoxynucleotide conjugates of energy transfer dyes, which are optimized for excitation using single light sources, and provide spectrally separable emissions. The energy transfer dyes are molecules in which a fluorescein is coupled through a patented linker with a dichlororhodamine dye. Light is absorbed by the fluorescein and energy transferred to the second dye, giving rise to longer wavelength emission.

Our BigDye terminators are available for inclusion in your kit as ready-made, one-tube mixtures containing four distinct fluorescent dideoxynucleotide conjugates, a sequencing enzyme, a balanced mixture of unlabeled nucleotides, and an optimized reaction buffer. These terminators are generally used in combination with cycle sequencing for high-sensitivity detection and sequencing of low-abundance targets. Ask us about reaction mixes that are optimized for reading through difficult regions, such as AT- or GT-rich sequences. 

Fluorescent Primers

Capillary electrophoresis (CE) is also an ideal platform for DNA fragment analysis. Choose CE when fragments vary in length by only a few nucleotides, when varying numbers of repeat sequences are present in a fragment, or when multiple fragments of varying length are analyzed simultaneously in the same sample. CE is the nucleic acid detection platform of choice when size matters. A major application of this technology is human identity analysis. We provide a series of fluorescent dye labels for use in this application, all of which were designed to be spectrally distinct from one another, and which migrate uniformly and efficiently in an electric field. Our fluorescent dye labels (FAM™, PET®, TET™, HEX™, NED™, TAMRA™, and ROX™ dyes) are available as oligonucleotide conjugates, for resale in kits, or for use in commercial services, for human diagnostics, and other applications. 

These fluorescent dye labels can also be used for primer-based DNA sequencing or for other primer extension–based applications, and are available as stand-alone oligonucleotide conjugates or in combination with other reaction components as desired.

Fluorescent Size Ladders

To simplify your assay development process, we can also provide your company with size ladders, which are DNA fragments of varying length labeled with the fluorescent dye of your choice. These ladders are designed for use in combination with CE, and are available with the same fluorescent dye label used in your kit for your test sample or for your internal control. Please ask about our off-the-shelf solutions as well as our capability for custom development and custom manufacture.

Next-Generation Sequencing

In addition to standard dideoxy sequencing, we also have developed and can provide access to a broad portfolio of tools for use in combination with next-generation sequencing platforms. These tools include magnetic particles, microspheres, fluorescent dyes, their conjugates, and antifade reagents, enzymes , oligonucleotides, and others. We can help you choose the best reagent for each step in your sequencing process, from sample preparation through detection.

Sequencing Instruments

For companies interested in providing a complete platform, especially for use in human identification or other applied market applications, we are interested in discussing ways in which we can help you provide your customers with a total solution, including capillary electrophoresis instruments as well as assay kits. 

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