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Whether you are developing a diagnostic or life science solution, access high-quality raw materials, secure supply chains, and know-how earned through tested experience. Our Custom Commercial Supply team is here to help you speed up your development and bring your solutions to market faster.

Connect with our team and learn how we can support your next groundbreaking project with reagents and consumables, instruments, and custom kitting package solutions.

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Molecular diagnostic test developers

molecular diagnostics commercial supply

Restriction/modifying enzymes, enzymes for RT & PCR, custom oligos, thermal cyclers, PCR plastics, cloning

Immunodiagnostic test developers

immunodiagnostics commercial supply

Antibodies, ELISA reagents, bioconjugation, detection substrates

Genetic sciences

therapeutics commercial supply

qPCR, NGS & Sanger sequencing, microarray

Life science tools

geneetic sciences

Sample preparation, enzymology, protein analysis, cell culture, labeling, detection reagents


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