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Organizations developing diagnostics, therapeutics and life science solutions must continuously innovate to advance research, enhance clinical testing, and improve patient outcomes. Just as important as the science behind these breakthroughs are the supply partnerships needed to reliably bring them to market. With a global manufacturing network, more than 13,000 high quality off the shelf products, and an experienced team of industry professionals, we are here to support you.   

Our experienced design engineers, advanced polymer science, and quality manufacturing processes offer the right fit for your kit or components.


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The Thermo Scientific difference


Products built for purpose and to stringent quality standards

  • Thermo Scientific Nalgene bottles are guaranteed leakproof*
  • Rigorous raw material selection process to minimize extractables & leachables
  • Class 7 & 8 Cleanroom facilities
  • ISO Certified manufacturing sites


An experienced and specialized team

  • Highly trained plastics, manufacturing and packaging engineers
  • Manufacturing and packaging engineers
  • Global regulatory, technical, and customer service support
  • Collaboration to help solve complex challenges


An extensive range of products and services

  • Thousands of standard products to quickly fit your need
  • Global manufacturing and supply chain infrastructure help ensure availability of your selected product
  • Product customization for specialized use cases
  • Ability to scale with your business needs

Fit for Purpose Solutions



To support life science, we offer essential products that enable discovery, protect critical materials, and simplify process workflows.




For diagnostic kit development and scale up, we support workflows ranging from point-of-care to high throughput testing platforms.

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Whether you need components to include in your test kit, store media, transport chemicals or supply your testing platform, we have options to suit your needs.

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Virtual Kit Tour

Virtual Kit Tour

Explore some of the most common diagnostic kits by viewing the virtual kit tour.  Here you can interactively learn more about available products and benefits.

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Partnering for success

From research to commercialization, we support essential plasticware needs. Learn more about our customer success stories below.


Packaging bottles used in cancer screening test kits

Differentiated product quality and manufacturing capability support diagnostic kit production.

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Customized automation tips for new FDA approved system

Expertise to conceptualize, prototype, and launch a custom automation tip to meet customer need.

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Enabling rapid testing of flu viruses

Flexible manufacturing support for a heavy flu season demand.


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Leakproof media bottles for serum production

Customized product and packaging configuration for automation compatibility.

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*The term “leakproof” applies to Thermo Scientific Nalgene products that meet the following criteria: a) Bottle/flask/funnel closure systems with closures smaller than 100mm, after they are filled with water, inverted, withstand air pressure of 2psig for two minutes, and no water escapes;. b) Bottle/funnel/flask closure systems of larger than 100mm after they are filled with water, inverted for 15 minutes, and no water escapes. Note: these tests, using other liquids, may not yield the same results. To ensure safe usage, customers are advised to test Thermo Scientific Nalgene bottles and closures under conditions of their planned applications. Thermo Scientific Nalgene products are leakproof at ambient temperature and pressure when used with their Nalgene closures.

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