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Partner with us to build your product development pipeline, or scale-up your processes with bulk quantities of high-quality detergents. We have been supplying bulk and custom-made reagents to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries for over 50 years.

We offer a variety of compounds, devices, and resins to suit any application. Whether you are developing an assay for commercialization, constructing a large screening assay for in-house use, or require high-purity reagents for your manufacturing processes, we can provide consistent quality in milligram to kilogram quantities. Reagents are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality systems.

Major characteristics of denaturing and non-denaturing detergents used for protein extraction
Figure 1. Detergents used for cell lysis. Major characteristics of denaturing and non-denaturing detergents used for protein extraction.

Our detergents are available in multiple package formats to best meet your individual needs. We offer several high purity, low peroxide-containing detergents that are packaged under nitrogen gas in clear glass ampules, providing superior convenience, quality, and consistency for all detergent applications.

Table 1. Properties of common detergents

DetergentDescriptionAggregation numberMicelle MWMWCMC (mM)CMC % w/vCloud point (ºC)Dialyzable
Triton X-100Nonionic14090,0006470.240.015564No
Triton X-114Nonionic5370.210.011323No
Octylthio GlucosideNonionic30890.2772>100Yes
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