Accelerate adoption and boost success of your commercial assay

Are you planning to bring your clinical assay to market on an existing commercial instrument platform? By developing and commercializing a new assay on our instruments, you’ll gain access to the global installed base of instruments from Thermo Fisher Scientific, as well as options to place our instruments in the laboratories of your customers. We offer various ways to include our instrument in your commercial offering, including the ability to place it in a reagent rental program or to private-label the instrument.

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Why partner on instrumentation?

  • Distributed testing model enables global expansion and greater market adoption of your assay
  • Ability to become a solution provider
  • Faster time to market and reduced development cost and timeline
  • Helps reduce support costs

Why work with Thermo Fisher Scientific?

  • Develop your assay for use on our global installed base of instruments
  • Our global services and support are available to your end users
  • Worldwide distribution network

Partnership options

We offer a range of partnership models in order to transfer commercial rights to you. Here are some examples of our most common agreement types.

Agreement typeDescription
Standard partnership Transfer of commercial rights for the purpose of:
  • Placing an instrument from Thermo Fisher Scientific with your assay as a reagent rental
  • Selling your assay to our installed base of instruments
  • Reselling an instrument from Thermo Fisher Scientific in combination with assay (upon Thermo Fisher Scientific approval)
Collaboration Co-development, which creates new products with global reach 
Private-label partnership Instrument with your logo and brand, manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Most of our instruments are available for commercial partnerships, including platforms for sample preparation, PCR, qPCR, capillary electrophoresis (CE), microarray, and next-generation sequencing (NGS). We can assist you in selecting the most suitable instrument for your assay.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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