Diagnoses with greater specificity, sensitivity, and speed, than traditional methods are now possible with molecular technologies. With our state-of-the-art technology platforms, we’ve helped our partners launch a wide range of molecular testing related to infectious diseases, animal health, reproductive health, and oncology. No matter what your application, throughput, turnaround time, or cost-per-sample needs, you can count on us to help you access the best reagents and instruments for your focus area.

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Molecular diagnostic assay developer program

The molecular diagnostic (MDx) assay developer program allows businesses of all sizes to leverage the experience and expertise of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Take advantage of exclusive discounts and commercial rights for the molecular test developers. Give your assay development a head start with conventional and next generation products in PCR, isothermal amplification, and NGS workflows.

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Benefits of molecular diagnostic assay developer program

  • Quality and commercial rights for reagents and consumable products
  • Resources designed for biotech companies
  • Eligibility for a 25% discount* for seeding up to four instruments

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Molecular diagnostic assay development: Success stories

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s dedicated OEM team supports businesses of all with their molecular diagnostic assay development needs. Our best-in-class manufacturing processes, certified cleanroom facilities, integrated quality management systems, and extensive R&D experience enable us to produce the high-quality products and develop innovative workflow solutions.

Molecular diagnostics product development: Assay for cartridges

The client, a mid-size global company, was developing a PCR-based multiplex assay for research in infectious and inherited diseases. The assay is run on an instrument platform using a disposable cartridge containing a lyophilized PCR enzyme. Taq DNA polymerase and Invitrogen SuperScript III RT from Thermo Fisher Scientific provided the performance that met their assay requirements. The Thermo Fisher Scientific OEM team partnered with the client to co-develop and manufacture a custom lyo-ready enzyme formulation that allowed our client to bring their cartridge-ready assay to market. In addition to the R&D support, the Thermo Fisher Scientific OEM team also helps customers to obtain commercialization rights and provides logistical support.

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Molecular diagnostic assay development for screening pathogens

The client, a mid-size global company, was developing a Taq DNA polymerase-based PCR assay to screen for hundreds of pathogens for infectious disease research. Commercially available Taq DNA polymerases often contain DNA contamination from host cells used in production of recombinant enzymes. The Thermo Fisher Scientific OEM team developed an integrative partnership with the client for this project. The team provided R&D support to develop low-DNA contaminant PCR and RT enzymes that met specific assay requirements, operational assistance for custom manufacturing and QC, and flexibility in the business contract terms that allowed the client to commercialize the product.

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