Reagents for crosslinking, immobilization, modification, biotinylation, and fluorescent labeling of proteins and peptides

Thermo Fisher offers a full range of bioconjugation reagents and services. If you are performing your own reactions, it is critical to minimize the exposure of bioconjugation reagents to negative environmental factors to obtain the highest yields and quality possible for your desired final product. To mitigate these risks, we offer specific packaging and quality grades for your bioconjugation reagents. In addition to these options, our bioconjugation reagents are available in multiple pack sizes. Custom packaging and pack sizes are also available by request.

Our custom bioconjugation services include antibody and protein labeling, and combine years of conjugation expertise with a wide selection of labeling chemistries. Available labels include fluorescent dyes, phycobiliproteins, and enzymes. Partner with us for the quality, security of supply, customization, and expertise you can expect from the world leader in serving science.

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Need larger quantities of our bioconjugation services, protein labeling, crosslinking, or modification reagents? We offer bulk and custom fill sizes.

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