Applied Biosystems Clariom D Microarray Assay, human

Leverage Applied Biosystems microarray technology to develop microarray products for applications in diagnostics, forensics, animal testing, industrial testing, food testing, and more. We have made this breakthrough technology available to companies like yours, so you can create tailored products and services for your unique markets and customers, and realize unprecedented opportunity.

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One technology. Multiple applications. Infinite possibilities.

This flexible technology can be tailored to fit your needs. One platform can enable:

  • DNA and RNA analysis
  • Analysis of specific gene targets or an entire genome
  • Discovery, development, and commercialization of your gene signatures
  • A range of diagnostic and industrial applications



GeneChip Scanner 3000

GeneTitan Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument

 Applied Biosystems GeneChip Scanner 3000Applied Biosystems GeneTitan Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument

Regulatory status

Available as RUO or IVD in most regionsRUO only

Key applications

Gene expression profiling

Cytogenetic analysis



Enables higher-density arraysIntegrates hybridization, washing, and imaging into a single instrument
Featured assays
Applied Biosystems Axiom Precision Medicine Diversity Research Array Plus Kit, 96-format

Axiom PMD Array

The Axiom Precision Medicine Diversity Array (PMD Array) is a comprehensive imputation-aware genotyping array, which provides valuable scientific insights into human disease with GWAS markers and relevant variants. It offers >850,000 markers selected for high genomic coverage from the 1000Genomes Project Phase III.


  • >850,000 relevant SNPs and indels, covering all major global ethnicities
  • Content can be tailored to specific application with the assistance of our experienced design team
  • No SNP dropouts; SNPs will never be lost due to manufacturing methods

Applied Biosystems Clariom S Microarray Assay, human

Clariom S Assay

Obtain a gene-level view of the human transcriptome with the Clariom S Assays for human samples. Clariom S Assays serve as a next generation transcriptome-wide gene-level expression profiling tool, which allows for a fast, simple, and scalable path to generating the results you need for your research.


  • Extensive coverage of all known well-annotated genes
  • Discover gene-level signatures and quickly screen large numbers of samples with high-throughput, automated formats
  • Generate expression profiles from as little as 100pg of total RNA, from a wide variety of sample types

Applied Biosystems Clariom D Microarray Assay, human

Clariom D Assay

Available for human, mouse, and rat, Clariom D Assays allow to generate high-fidelity biomarker signatures quickly and easily with a design that provides intricate transcriptome‑wide, gene- and exon-level expression profiles, including the ability to detect alternative splicing events of coding and long noncoding RNA, in a single three-day experiment.


  • Perform comprehensive and detailed analysis of coding and non-coding genes, exons, and splice variants.
  • Extensive coverage of all known well-annotated genes
  • Rapidly discover complex signatures and help ensure biomarkers are not missed

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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