Thermo Fisher Scientific is known for their high quality in manufacturing processes. The BioProduction supply team can help you develop and commercialize solutions for the bioproduction and medical device markets, ranging from cell culture media to reagents, buffers, and process liquids to single-use bags, connectors, and components. We have built our business around the ability to customize and configure the right tools for our customers.


Expertise in bioprocessing solutions

Our ability to develop in-process and single-use products is just as important as our attention to quality for vendors and suppliers in the life science, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries. We offer numerous benefits to our private-label clients through supply chain management and excellence in manufacturing science, including:

  • Use of our highest-quality manufacturing facilities and processes
  • Reduced total cost of ownership of your manufactured products 
  • Lowered costs for support such as manual labor, maintenance, and more
  • Access to our purchasing power with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s raw materials suppliers
  • Redundancy of risk mitigation and manufacturing

Contact us today if you need a partner to provide

  • Private-label manufacturing and support of single-use fluid-handling products 
  • Private-label manufacturing of media, supplements, cells, and cell culture media reagents that are reproducible and deliver performance
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