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Thermo Fisher Scientific’s therapeutics supply team enables our partners to develop and commercialize therapeutic solutions through strategic relationships. Integrating our platform technologies, products, capabilities, and intellectual property, together we can accelerate the delivery of next-generation therapeutics to market.

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DNA and RNA therapeutics

Thermo Fisher Scientific enables your entire DNA and RNA therapeutic development, manufacturing workflow from molecule synthesis, purification, and formulation and delivery. 

For mRNA-based therapeutic development see our product offering, from in vitro transcription through in vivo delivery


Nucleic acid synthesis

Formulation and delivery


Cell and gene therapy

We’re uniquely positioned to address the specific needs of the cell therapy market through integrated solutions that help your process development reach high quality manufacturing.

Application-driven media development service

  • Serum replacement

Cell isolation, activation, and expansion

  • Dynabeads CD3/CD28
  • Application-drive custom Dynabeads development service

Cell engineering

Ex vivo and in vivo gene delivery


Protein therapeutics

We possess a breadth of host cells, cell engineering, and protein expression tools and technologies to assist your protein therapeutic development and commercialization.

GMP cell lines

Non-GMP cell lines

Cell culture media

  • Custom manufacturing
  • Classical media
  • Reagents/supplements

Cell engineering

Transfection agents

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