Implementing green chemistry and green engineering to deliver more sustainable solutions

At Thermo Fisher Scientific we invest heavily in innovation, with $700 million dedicated to R&D in 2015.  With this investment, we strive to make the most of our resources and reduce the environmental footprint of our products. Our scientists employ our Practical Process Improvement (PPI) Business System to apply the principles of green chemistry and green engineering to product design. By rethinking how chemistry and chemical engineering can be done, we are reducing the use of chemicals, minimizing hazardous waste, and reducing the water and energy we use in our manufacturing processes.

Our commitment to creating products that minimize the impact on the environment extends beyond our operations and into our customers’ labs. Delivering greener products that are less toxic or produce less waste not only helps our customers be more sustainable, but it also helps improve lab safety and reduces costs.  

Wherever possible, we apply green chemistry principles in developing products, including:

  • Incorporating low- or no-toxicity materials into product design
  • Minimizing use of toxic or environmentally hazardous chemicals
  • Designing process solutions that help reduce use of plastic consumables

Products that demonstrate the application of green chemistry and engineering principles include: