Taking back, refurbishing, and recycling products and packaging

Our product take-back program is designed to efficiently remove certain products from a customer’s site when they have reached the end of their useful life. Typically that means reclaiming our instruments and extending the useful life, thereby avoiding wasteful disposal. Sometimes it means harvesting components or responsibly recycling components that we can no longer use. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding global recycling requirements, and our take-back program has diverted more than 50,000 kg of waste from landfill. 

Recycling semiconductor chips

The Ion Chip Recycling Program provides customers with a convenient way to recycle used Ion TorrentTM chips.  To recover valuable metals from these chips, we’re partnering with Metech Recycling, a certified e-stewards recycler. Recycling Ion chips allows metals to be recovered, processed and recycled into the manufacturing stream, which helps reduce additional mining of natural resources.  To recycle your Ion chips, simply mail your used chips to the location closest to you using the addresses below.

Thermo Fisher Ion Chip recycling
c/o MeTech Recycling
111 Adams Road
Clinton, MA 01510

Thermo Fisher Ion Chip recycling
c/o MeTech Recycling
6200 Engle Way
Gilroy, CA 95020

Returnable pallets

In collaboration with some of our customers who order large volumes of our products, we have switched from using wooden pallets to more robust plastic pallets that can also be returned to our facility for reuse. Making this switch has helped improve safety and productivity for our customers and minimizes waste associated with disposable wooden pallets.

Copper grid recycling for iBlot devices

Our iBlot™ and iBlot™ 2 gel transfer devices provide fast, efficient transfer of proteins for western blot analysis using iBlot™ and iBlot™ 2 Transfer Stacks. These stacks contain a thin copper-coated grid that can be recycled, and we have partnered with a leading recycler to establish a take-back and recycling program for North American customers. Together with our customers, we can help keep valuable resources out of landfill. Learn more about how to recycle your copper grids from the original iBlot system, and the iBlot 2 system