Empowering innovators to find solutions to global sustainability challenges

In 2012, we created and launched an award-winning online learning community that enables anywhere, anytime access, supports the ability to share other learning resources and follow the learning shared by others, and provides access to custom content that is designed to meet the needs of our learners – helping them to learn and grow. By year-end, it had delivered more than 21,400 career development modules to 4,400 employees.

Our research tools are designed to enable scientific breakthroughs that can only be imagined today. We make a difference through a diverse group of dedicated employees looking for innovative ways to drive our vision of shaping discovery and improving life.

Our people are our greatest assets, and our investment in employees reflects our belief that living as a global citizen starts at home. Attracting and retaining the best talent is just the first step. Our priorities include ensuring that our passionate and driven employees have the tools they need to do their jobs safely and efficiently, providing benefits that help create positive work/life integration, and staying engaged enough to know when we need to do something better or differently.

Sustainability highlights: