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An emerging low-carbon economy demands that we implement a better approach to product design, sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, and use and reuse of resources. As both customer and supplier, we are working toward keeping valuable resources within a closed-loop system. Learn more ›

"Sustainability has become a powerful productivity tool. It's evolved beyond our operations to impact the way we drive continuous improvement company-wide.”


Partnering to Recycle Nitrile Gloves

Following our Pleasanton, California, site's lead, a growing number of our sites are partnering with Kimberly-Clark Professional to recycle our labs' used nitrile gloves - a traditionally challenging waste stream. Rather than ending up in landfills and incinerators, used gloves now are recycled into useful products like plastic lumber, park benches and picnic tables. This innovative partnership is diverting more than 16 tons of gloves this year - enough to make 219 park benches!  Learn more ›


Our commitments

2012 highlights

Relentlessly pursue efficiencies in the use of energy, water, materials, and services—reducing our carbon footprint

Installed first fuel cell system, supplying 75% of the energy needs for our Carlsbad, California, headquarters and boosting energy reliability while cutting CO2 emissions    Learn more ›

Develop products and packaging with minimal life cycle impacts

Converted 3 additional product lines from cold to ambient shipping, eliminating 60,000 more polystyrene coolers annually    Learn more ›

Take back, refurbish, and reuse our products and packaging—in pursuit of zero waste

Four sites achieved zero waste status, keeping 1,100 metric tons
—about 150 truckloads—of trash out of the landfill    Learn more ›


Sustainability highlights: