Find oligonucleotides built to your specifications here. We offer options for virtually any application and delivery times to keep your research moving. Whether you need oligos for PCR, cloning, hybridization probes, or sequencing sample prep, Invitrogen®, Applied Biosystems®, and TaqMan® custom oligo synthesis services offer the quality and convenience you’re looking for. Our predesigned oligos include trusted TaqMan® Assays for real-time PCR analysis of gene expression, genetic variation, and noncoding RNAs; Ambion® Silencer® Select siRNAs for RNA interference studies, and general use oligos and hybridization probes.

DNA oligo products and services when you need them. Custom oligos are offered with standard deoxynucleotides, modified bases and 5' and 3'-modified nucleotides.

Custom Applied Biosystems® oligonucleotides for use as primers and TaqMan® probes. Ideal for real-time PCR applications, sequencing,  and fragment analysis sample prep.

Design your own custom RNAi oligos, or search our database for pre-designed and bench-tested RNAi sequences. Order in 96-well plates, or re-order using an HSS, MSS, or RSS identifier.

TaqMan® assays (primer/probe sets)

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